Back Massage Techniques

back massage techniques

Having a massage is a very satisfying activity to do. But, performing a massage for someone is more gratifying. There is nothing better than to make someone feel relaxed because of what you have done. If you want to do a simple act of thanking your mom or dad or even just to show how much you love a person, then why don’t you do it by giving a back massage? I know it’s easier said than done. Well, that is why this article was made. This article will give you back massage techniques.

There are quite a lot of back massage techniques. Most of the basic back massage techniques are the effleurage. Effleurage is actually a back massage that uses the fingertips and hands to do the work. It uses long, light or strong strokes which will then ease the throbbing or aching pain at the back.

One of the back massage techniques is the whole hand effleurage. With this technique, you need to use the whole hand to do this technique. Strong yet smooth rhythmic strokes are used for this technique. As you stroke firmly upwards from the lower back to the neck, gently circle around and go back to the lower region.

Another back massage technique is the heel of the hand effleurage. This technique only uses the heel of your palm to do the strokes. Make small circles with the use of the heels of your palms from the bottom of the back to the center and gradually make your way to the shoulders. Since with this technique there are small areas that make contact with your hands, you should bear in mind to put in more pressure on those small areas.

Effleurage using Reinforced fingers is also one of the back massage techniques. This technique requires you to stand on the side opposite what you are working on or on the right side (what most masseuse prefer). Using two hands on top of each other and palms facing down, work your way away from the center of the spine then back to the spine. Add pressure as you start from the lower back to the top.

Another one of the back massage techniques is by the use of the reinforced thumb. The thumb is the primary tool for this technique. Feel the tender places and knots on the back as you slowly make circles all around the back. Use a deep pressure on the entire back but soften up as you reach the neck.

Just like the thumb the middle finger can also be used to do a back massage. With the reinforced middle finger, make firm deep movements as you do this technique. Starting from the lower spine going upwards, make sure to cover each spot and add more pressure on sore ones.

With the use of the sustained pressure from the thumb, the trigger point release can be done. This is another one of the back massage techniques that follows up the reinforced middle finger method. As you find the sore spots, use your thumb to gradually put pressure on those spots.  This will cause pain at first. Hold on to it and as soon as the pain subsides, release and repeat.

Now, for these back massage techniques to be completed, you need to finish the process. Do this by using effleurage which are the stroking moves.  Follow this up with the techniques with the supported fingers and the techniques which use the heel of the palm. Finish this last process with the full handed effleurage. Do all of these processes and you’ll successfully be able to make the ones who you are giving the massage to a very satisfied person.


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